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Sponsors and Exhibitors

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following sponsors and exhibitors:

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The ABS is Australia’s national statistical agency and official source of independent, reliable information. We tell the real story of Australia, its economy and its people by bringing life and meaning to numbers.

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Menzies Health Institute Queensland (MHIQ) undertakes research across the lifecycle to identify key factors influencing health. With exceptional biomedical, nursing, allied health, social and behavioural scientists and, clinical researchers, we develop and test strategies to improve health and wellbeing for individuals, families and communities. Four overarching programs—Disability and Rehabilitation, EPIC Health Systems, Healthcare Practice and Survivorship, and Infectious Diseases and Immunology—encapsulate our research strengths and align with local and national health priorities.


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Survey Design and Analysis Services provides tools for those working with data to gain greater insight into their data.  Suitable for data novices seeking to filter or sum their data, through to experienced data scientists looking to create powerful predictive models or extract insights from unstructured data, our tools will allow you to dig deeper and understand your business, your clients, your risks and your presence more fully.

  • Stata by StataCorp has been relied upon by researchers for over 30 years as a complete, integrated statistical software package, providing leading data analysis, data management and graphics.
  • Stat/Transfer by Circle Systems provides efficient and accurate transfer of data between applications, eliminating the laborious process of manual data transfer.
  • WordStat and QDA Miner by Provalis Research provide world-leading tools for qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods analysis, allowing processing of textual and numerical data.
  • Arbutus by Arbutus Software for audit analytics, fraud detection, cost recovery and data solutions for Auditors, Financial Managers and Accountants.


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