OZCOTS 2021 Virtual Conference

OZCOTS are meetings on statistics education which overlap with an Australian Statistical Conference and are run by an informal group.

Welcome Message

We invite you to participate in OZCOTS 2021, the 10th Australian Conference on Teaching Statistics. OZCOTS 2021 will run as an online Conference on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th July, 2021 and will consider many challenges of teaching Statistics for future statisticians, statistical users and consumers under the theme of “Statistics education in today’s world”.  OZCOTS 2021 is again building on the success of the timing and format of OZCOTS 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2016 as a conjoint event with the Australian and New Zealand Statistical Conference (ANZSC), to be held as an online Conference, with an overlap on Thursday 8th July.

Join us to advance statistics education, and to learn from the work and thoughts of esteemed colleagues. Every day the teaching and learning of statistics is becoming more important than ever to industry, government, business and for everyone in the society from cradle to nursing home. The roles of statistical understanding and statistical thinking are vital in all disciplines, increasingly driven by big data, evidence-based agendas, and technological advances which generate data as well as enabling more complex problem-solving, data visualisation and analysis. To avoid “lies, lies, big lies and statistics” we need to reach further in the society so that “lies” can be separated from “statistics”.

The OZCOTS program plans to include keynote and contributed papers, and forum discussion on issues across the statistical education spectrum of interest to the whole statistical profession. The program aims to address challenges of the intersection of data science and statistics across different disciplines and learning strategies. It will include topics ranging across the curricula and technology for teaching introductory and undergraduate statistics; resources and online learning; statistics learning for postgraduates, researchers and workers; and research in the teaching of statistics.

Ayse Bilgin

OZCOTS Program Chair