OZCOTS Full Paper Submission

Full Paper Key Dates

Full paper submission deadline (papers to be referred*) 31 May 2021 – EXTENDED
Full paper submission deadline (papers not to be referred) 31 May 2021
Author registration deadline 21 April 2021

*Referred papers must not have appeared previously as a refereed publication

Conference Theme

The overall theme of this OZCOTS is ‘Statistics education in today’s world‘.

We will accept papers and presentations which might not directly fit under the overall theme, but which are on statistics education

Requirements Regarding Formatting and Set-up of Full Papers

Word processor software
Our preference is the latest version of MS Word. PDF submissions will not be accepted.

Format of the papers
A4 size sheets, maximum length six A4 pages. Please include the title, author(s) name and institution plus an abstract, maximum half page, at the top of the paper. Start with CAPITAL letters for keywords in the title. Family name should be in CAPITAL, followed by the given name.

You are required to submit your paper using the program management software and by e-mail. 

  • Paper size should be set to A4: 21.0 x 29.7 cm (8.26″ x 11.69″).
  • Paper contents should be within a frame size of 15.26 x 24.62 cm (6.00″ x 9.69″). Keep the pages within this frame. 

All papers should be typed using 11 point Times New Roman font.

Except for the Title/Author information (which should be centered) the paper should be both left and right justified.

– Single spacing throughout, including the title, author information and abstract.
– Exactly one blank line before the author(s) name(s), the abstract, section titles, the subtitles, acknowledgements, notes, references, and appendices.
– Exactly one blank line before and after tables and figures.
-Only one space between sentences.

Page numbering
DO NOT number the pages.

 Headers, footers and footnotes
– DO NOT use headers or footers.
– DO NOT use footnotes.
– If applicable, group numbered notes at the end of the text before the reference list.

– Center the title in bold 
– Center the author(s)’ names underlining the name(s) of the presenting author(s) and center the affiliation of the author(s).
– Leave one blank line between the title and the author’s information.

– After the title and the author’s information, begin with an abstract of a maximum of fifteen (15) lines (no more than 200 words) in italics.
– Leave one blank line between the author’s information and the abstract.

– Use only italics (not underlining and not bold) for emphasis of text, minor subtitles. Use italics for the whole abstract.
– Use capital letters for the TITLE and all subtitles: Section titles, acknowledgements, NOTES, references, appendices, etc.

 Text Indent
First line in each paragraph should be indented by 1.27 cm (0.5″).

– Use the format used in “International Statistical Review” (See Notes for Authors at the journal’s inside back cover).|
– No blank lines between items of the reference list. Use “hanging indent” of 0.64 cm (0.25”).  For example:

Ben-Zvi, D., & Arcavi, A. (1998). Towards a characterization and understanding of students’ learning in an interactive statistics environment. In L. Pereira-Mendoza (Ed.), Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Teaching of Statistics, Vol. II, (pp. 647-653). Voorburg, The Netherlands: International Statistical Institute.

 Figures and tables
– Include figures and tables within the body of the paper wherever possible.
– The format for Figure and Table titles must be consistent with the style the author is using.
– The format used in “International Statistical Review” are our preferred styles but not essential as long as the whole paper uses a consistent format.
-If figures or tables are to be included as part of the word processing file.

Papers must have a maximum length of six A4 pages, including title, author’s information, abstract, text, references, appendices, figures, etc.

Sample papers
Examples of papers can be found in the Proceedings of previous ICOTS meetings (https://iase-web.org/Conference_Proceedings.php).

Papers from previous OZCOTS conferences can be found at https://iase-web.org/Publications.php?p=Regional_Publications

  • Papers should be self-contained and should NOT address directly those attending the conference session. Therefore, statements such as “In this session …” must be avoided.
  • Photographs, drawings, examples of student’s work, etc., should only be included if they relate directly to the text and if they significantly assist the readers’ understanding of the paper.
  • DO NOT include contact names and addresses or prices for materials available for sale. Readers can obtain these via the author/institution.  Any papers about new materials should focus on their use. That is, they should report on how they were used and with what results.
  • The written permission of original copyright holders to reproduce any materials from other sources MUST be provided. A short example may usually be reproduced legally, but several examples (a whole page or a table/chart/diagram) need permission. This applies even when the author originated the material and/or works for the corporation that published it.
  • Signed warranty statements (one per author) must accompany submitted manuscripts.

All OZCOTS papers given at this meeting will appear in the Proceedings which will be freely available on the IASE website